Newborn Care

Our baby-friendly office provides the full spectrum of newborn care including well visits, sick visits, lactation consultation, circumcisions and frenectomies when warranted, and 24-hour access to advice from our team of nurses and providers. We can care for your infant no matter which birthing facility was used. 


If desired, we can perform newborn circumcisions on baby boys up to 2 weeks of age in our office using local anesthesia. 


Some newborns have issues with latching well during feeds due to a tongue tie.  We can do a procedure in our office to correct that problem.  Any of our providers can evaluate your newborn for a tongue-tie and schedule for the procedure if needed.

Lactation Consultation with IBCLC

Breastfeeding can be challenging, and we want to support your efforts! We are a breastfeeding friendly office and our Nurse Practitioner is a board certified IBCLC lactation consultant. Call today and we can set up an in-office lactation appointment.

Well Child Care

We provide routine well visits to monitor the health and development of your growing child. The standard schedule for well visits is as follows: newborn; 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 months of age; 3 years of age and annually thereafter.

Sports and Camp Physicals

Sports and camp physical forms can be completed at your routine well visits free of charge. We can also complete the paperwork at any other time for a small fee as long as your child is up to date on their well visit.


We offer a full range of all required and some optional childhood immunizations.  They are preservative-free and available for immediate appointments.  We participate with Florida Shots and will provide the necessary forms for school when you come in for vaccines.  We strongly encourage vaccines but accept families making alternative vaccine choices.

Sick Visits

We will always schedule to see your sick child within one business day. Often we will be able to see your child on the day you call. If you leave us a voicemail after normal business hours, we will call you first thing in the morning to schedule.

ADHD/ADD Diagnosis and Management

Our physicians are experts at diagnosing and treating ADD and ADHD. They are knowledgeable and can offer the most current treatment options for your child. 

Simple Laceration Repair

Most simple lacerations and wounds can be repaired in our office.

Suture and Staple Removal

Should your child have an injury that was sutured or stapled in the ER, we can remove those for you during a quick and simple appointment in our office.

Wart Removal

We can evaluate all skin conditions, as well as provide removal of most warts in our office using cryotherapy.

Ear Piercing

We perform sanitary ear piercings from 2 months of age and up in our office.  We use nickel-free, sterile, hypo-allergenic earrings using the medical-grade Blomdahl System. Up-to-date tetanus vaccination is required.

Asthma Management

We provide comprehensive asthma management and can offer pulmonary function tests (PFTs) for patients over the age of 8. We have nebulizer machines, tubing and masks available for purchase directly or through your insurance.

After-Hours Advice

If our office is closed and you have an urgent medical question about a child who is established with our practice, we can still help you!  Just call the after-hours phone to speak with one of our medical providers.


Call to schedule a telehealth visit for simple sick visits, ADHD follow-up and medication management.