Our office has Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine in stock for patients 6 months – 11 years old. Please call the office to schedule.
At your appointment your child needs to come with a Parent/Guardian or Authorized Adult and we will need your child’s Social Security Number.
COVID-19 Vaccine is currently available for patients 6 months and up and our office stocks the Pfizer Vaccines for patients 6 months – 11 years.


Patients 6 months – 4 years can receive the 3 dose Pfizer vaccine. There is 3 weeks between dose 1 and 2 and 8 weeks between dose 2 and 3.


Patients 5-11 can receive the Pfizer vaccine which requires 2 doses separated by 3 weeks.


For patients 5 & up who are moderately/severely immunocompromised a 3rd dose of vaccine is recommended 4 weeks after second dose.


All patients 5 & up are eligible for a booster dose 5 months after completing the primary series.


For patients interested in other COVID-19 vaccines they may be available at retail locations or the health department. Our office does not stock COVID-19 vaccines for patients 12 and older.


CVS Minute Clinic is vaccinating patients 18 months and up, CVS and Publix Pharmacies are vaccinating patients 5 and up, and Walgreens is scheduling patients 3 and up. There are also walk in vaccine clinics from the Department of Health.
Per CDC guidelines the COVID-19 Vaccine can be given at any time. It can be given at the same time as other vaccines. There is no waiting period between COVID-19 Vaccine and all other vaccines.