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Welcome to All About Kids Pediatrics, Inc.
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Kristen Walker MD & Amanda Peck MD
Merit Gospel, ARNP
We are honored you chose us to care for your child/children.  We would like to insure that your experience with us is the best possible and your health care needs are met quickly.  We strive to be on time for your appointment but our office staff will keep you informed if ever there is a delay due to an emergency.
Office Hours

Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm
Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-12pm*
 *except for holiday and summer break

Scheduling routine appointments, tests and specialist appointments
We will always strive to see your child within 24 hours.  The medical assistants prioritize all calls and will call you back before they leave for the day. Should you need an appointment, please call us as early in the day as possible.  If you are up at night with a sick child you may leave a message for us to call you in the morning to schedule an appointment. Appointments for your next visit should be made at your visit today. In our effort to provide you with complete care, we will schedule your next checkup and send you a reminder card annually.
  We attempt to confirm all appointments but it is but it is your responsibility to keep your appointment.  You may leave a message on the office message system or on the patient portal.       
Our office will assist you with scheduling tests, procedures and specialist appointments.  It is important that you contact our office if you need to reschedule or cancel any of the above. 
What if we aren’t here to answer your call or questions?
 We do not use an outside service our doctors will personally return your call.  When the office is closed, the after- hours message will give you the cell phone of the doctor on call. This number is for urgent medical concerns only.  Before choosing to go to the ER, call the on-call doctor.  Most pediatric illnesses to do not require an ER visit. 
If you need an appointment, a prescription refill or other non-urgent matter please call during regular office hours.  The phone number for emergencies is 772-631-1740.  If you do not get a return call within 30 minutes, please call again.  Please call your pharmacy first to refill prescriptions. 
Insurances and Balances

Our office accepts most major insurances and will file them as a courtesy.
If there is a problem with a claim we will attempt to resolve the issue but please remember this is your insurance and you are responsible for your insurance.  We are here to help but if your insurance processed the claim incorrectly and if we cannot resolve it for you we will ask that you contact your insurance .  Our billers will be happy to participate in resolving any claims issues. 
Copays and deductibles are due at the time of your visit.  Any balances after insurance are due upon receipt of statement.  We provide a self-pay discount of 40% for uninsured patients.  Any balances over 30 days will accrue interest of 18% and late fees of $5 per month. 

For special circumstances our office will work with you on large balances to allow additional time for payment. Please speak to our billing department if you have any questions.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask any of our staff. 

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