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Office and Financial Policies

Hours:Our office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday from 8:00am-7:00pm
Tuesday until 5:30.
We are open on Saturday morning for sick visits from 8:30-12:00pm by appointment only. 

We are available to take your calls beginning at 7:45 daily.  

 We break for lunch from 12:30-1:30 daily.  

Our Staff:Our staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible.  Our staff will answer your questions after conferring with one of our doctors.  We will take a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  We return all calls before leaving for the day. 

Prescriptions:All prescription refills are provided during routine office hours only.  We ask that you contact your pharmacy first to see if you have any refills on file.  Refills for some medications must be picked up at the office and we require 24 hours notice to prepare them.  Patients must be evaluated every 90 days in order for controlled medications to be renewed. 

No Show and Return Check Fee Interest and Late Fees:

Our office charges a $25 no show fee for all missed appointments.  You must provide our office with 24 hours notice for cancellations in order to provide other patients the opportunity to be seen promptly.  Any patient that does not show for three appointments may be asked to leave the practice. 

Our fee for return checks is $50.  If your account is settled within 7 days of notice that your check has been returned we will adjust this fee to $25.  No future appointments can be made until your account is returned to up to date status. 

Interest of 18% and late fees of $5 per month are added to delinquent accounts and accounts sent to collection.
After Hours Care:We provide personal after hours emergency care to our patients.  Our office asks that you contact our office number at 772-283-5431 and if you get the message system follow the instructions.  If your call is not urgent we ask that you leave a message or call back in the morning.  If your call is urgent you will be instructed to call the number on the recording which is (772) 631-1740.  The on-call doctor will return your call promptly.  If you do not receive a call within 30 minutes, please call again.  If your emergency is severe or life threatening DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE !!  CALL 911 or PROCEED TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM.  

Hospital Services:  Pediatric hospital patients are admitted at Martin Memorial North Hospital and will be cared for by the pediatric hospitalist who is located on site 24 hours a day.  Upon discharge we will be happy to schedule your follow up visit.  
Newborn patients are cared for by the neonatology team who are available onsite 24 hours a day at Martin Memorial North and Tradition Medical Center.  Please call to schedule newborn visit as soon as possible.  If you desire a circumcision or frenectomy that can be scheduled as well.  

Billing Policy:Our office expects payment in full for services provided.  Your copay and deductible is due at the time of visit.  We will be happy to file your insurance as a courtesy.  Your are responsible for your child's account and if payment is not received within 30 days, you will be asked to remit payment in full. Our office will provide self pay patients with a prompt pay discount of 40% if your bill is paid at the time of service.  We accept MC/VISA/Discover/American Express and Debit Cards.  Accounts will be referred to Collection if your balance is outstanding for greater than 90 days.  Interest of 18% will be charged on all accounts sent to collection as will a late fee of $5 per month assessed to the balance.  All collection balances must be settled before your child can be seen in the office. 

Forms:Our office will be happy to provide all the necessary forms for your child's entry to school or daycare at the time of their appointment.  We provide one set free of charge.  Requests for additional Blue and Yellow school forms are $10, sports participation forms, medication and camp physical forms will be provided for an additional fee of $5 per each.  Family Medical Leave Act forms are $15 and we require 24 hours notice to prepare all forms. 

Discharge of Patients:Our practice values the relationships we build with our patients and will work hard to maintain a professional relationship with you and your child.  If a parent or child's behavior is negatively impacting our practice we reserve the right to discharge the patient from our care. Patients will only be discharged from our practice as a last resort when there is a violation of policy stated in their insurance plan and/or our contract with your insurance carrier.  Our practice will inform your insurance carrier and the parent or guardian and provide emergent care for 30 days until you can obtain healthcare services with a new provider.  Upon receiving a written request from your new provider our office will provide a copy of the care provided by our office to your new healthcare provider.

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